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Aeyons. Online Music Learning. Amplified

Aeyons is a “Best in the Business” HD-Quality audio-visual platform specially developed by musicians for musicians. With radically better sound and picture quality and significantly lower latency than conventional conferencing platforms, Aeyons is run by a team with deep knowledge and experience in music performance and education.

How can Aeyons help you?

The Aeyons Learning Hub, uniquely customised for your institution, provides a first-class audio and visual platform upon which your students, teachers and families can connect in real time with each other.

The Learning Hub is yours to manage; you are in control of scheduling & billing, and you’re in charge of whether you need a completely secure, private hub environment or a portal for the public to access your education, performance, and commercial opportunities.

  • The Aeyons platform supports multiple high-definition, simultaneous Video sessions whilst being simple to set up and use.
  • Safety and security are built into the Aeyons Learning Hub. A secure private network, it can only be accessed by those you provide access to.
  • Scheduling of sessions can be controlled by central admin or by an individual faculty member depending on your institution’s requirements.
  • The platform features superlative video and audio sharing capabilities as well as the full suite of video-conferencing functions, meaning the system provides a compelling alternative for arts organisations to generic conferencing platforms.
  • Live performance streaming, zero latency sessions, and recording features like online mixing and assembling to a click track are all developments we have identified as next steps in our journey.

Aeyons is providing Opera Australia (OA), the National Youth Orchestra of Canada (NYOC), and Oxford Leadership Group (OLG) with customised online studios to connect their people:

OA’s conductors, directors & pianists can connect with cast members anywhere for coaching and rehearsals, while orchestra players can coach learners in regional Australia

NYOC’s members can connect with its eminent faculty year-round:

“NYO Canada set out in the fall of 2020 to create a virtual learning hub that created an efficient and musically optimized experience for both teacher and musician. Aeyons has been a fantastic partner, taking our feedback on board at every step and coming up with solutions to every consideration we could give them.” — Jonathan Welmers, NYO Canada

OLG is setting up an online marketplace of leading coaches:

“We're excited to work with the team at Aeyons to build a next generation Leadership Learning Hub for our global corporate community. It takes Purpose-driven people to create a Purpose-driven organisation, and it takes a Purpose-built platform to ensure the experience is seamless and a joy to use, for our coaches and for our clients.” — Jonathan Yukawa, Oxford Leadership

Do you want to bring Aeyons’ world class online music teaching platform to your organisation?