Hsing-ay Hsu

  • Location: New York, United States of America
  • Instrument/Speciality: Piano

Steinway Artist, International Prizewinner, New York City based/ 许兴艾, 纽约
Competition Strategist/Adjudicator, Former University Faculty, Consultant, Artist-Teacher.
A joyful, personal, multidimensional experience...

Hsingayhsu.com. Youtube Channel. theNutmegStudio@gmail.com

How is my approach unique to YOU?

*I believe great music making starts with great listening. I will listen to you and I will challenge you to hear more than you thought possible.

*Every student has an individual learning style, and I love helping you figure out what works best for YOU. 

*As a lifelong learner myself, I devote a minimum of an hour a day to research and develop MORE teaching ideas for you.

*Besides a lifetime of academic education including Juilliard, Yale, specialty studies, communications studies, and 14 years of teaching at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I am equally comfortable engaging in other modalities of experience including polyvagal nerve theory, lifestyle and practice habits, my Musical Breathwork, and emotional intelligence to make sense of the practicing process.

LISTEN/LEARN/ENGAGE at Hsingayhsu.com.

"An explosion of energy..." The New York Times

"Power, authority, and self-assurance..." The Washington Post



Since her stage debut at age 4, pianist Hsing-ay Hsu (“Sing-I Shoo”) has been performing at such venues as Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center NYC, and in Europe & Asia. Her thoughtful interpretations and “explosions of energy” (NY Times) have won her the Juilliard William Petschek Debut Award, William Kapell International Competition, Ima Hogg National First-Prize, Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship, Gilmore Young Artist Award, and the US Presidential Scholar of the Arts Award from President Clinton. She was Artistic Director for Pendulum New Music at the University of Colorado in Boulder for fourteen years. Ms. Hsu has also been visiting piano faculty at several universities, and lectures for various organizations, including a recent MTNA national convention. With a studio of prize-winning students, she also gives masterclasses, adjudicates, and hosts the monthly Conscious ListeningTM Café webinars to reach new audiences and to connect mind, body, and heart through music. She also studied dance and theater improv to explore her teaching of the physicality and emotions of piano playing. Born in Beijing, Ms. Hsu trained at Juilliard, Yale University, Aspen, Ravinia, Aldeburgh, and Tanglewood. A Steinway Artist, she is married to composer Daniel Kellogg who is the new president of Young Concert Artists (NYC), and they have one daughter.

6 lesson and 12 lesson discount packages available on request. Please email TheNutmegStudio@gmail.com.


自4岁开始登台演出以来,中国钢琴家许兴艾曾在卡内基音乐厅,肯尼迪中心,林肯中心, 以及亚洲和欧洲演出。在进入茱莉亚大学一年级时,她就获得了William Kapell国际钢琴比赛银牌。还获得了Ima Hogg全美比赛第一名,著名的Juilliard William Petschek独奏音乐奖,McCrane基金会艺术家奖,Paul&Daisy Soros研究生奖学金奖以及Gilmore青年艺术家奖。克林顿总统亲自在白宫给她颁发了美国总统艺术学者金奖。

她是一位多才多艺的艺术家,演奏从巴赫到巴伯尔的作品,《纽约时报》评论她的演奏是“威力四射,具有惊人的震撼力。”《华盛顿邮报》描述她“是一位充满权威,力量和自信的钢琴家。”她曾经和休斯敦交响乐团,巴尔的摩交响乐团,科罗拉多交响乐团,太平洋交响乐团,科罗拉多斯普林交响乐团,佛罗里达西海岸交响乐团,柯林斯堡交响乐团,新泽西交响乐团,沃特伯里交响乐团,中国国家交响乐团,上海交响乐团,深圳和厦门乐团合作演出。在她参与的电视和电台广播节目中,包括了Garrison Keillor在Tanglewood的“Prairie Home Companion Live,”由Martin Goldsmith主持NPR的“今日节目”,TCI cablevision的“大钢琴演奏会”,CPR的“科罗拉多亮点节目,”中国中央电视台,香港凤凰卫视,和丹麦国家广播电台。她为Pacific Records,Albany Records,和Nutmeg Press录制了CD / DVD。hsingayhsu.com


Piano Performance Coaching

Get pro tips for final polishes on your piece.

Email me the score at least 24 hours in advance. You are encouraged to email a repertoire list and/or bio.

By purchasing this lesson type, you agree to a 72-hour-advance rescheduling pol... Read More

  • USD $ 99.00
  • 40 mins

Performance & Analysis

Analysis Evaluation + Private Coaching. We will deep dive into music theory analysis around the melodic contour, harmony, rhythm, so that your performance presents a memorable point of view, and transform notes into meaning!

Read More

  • USD $ 160.00
  • 60 mins

Trial Lesson

1st Time Meet & Greet! Please read more about my unique teaching style at hsingayhsu.com before you book. If you'd like, bring an excerpt or issue you want to improve and we can address it together, and scan/email me the piece or excerpt in advance.

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  • USD $ 1.00
  • 15 mins

US Competitions Strategy/ Mock Audition

Mock Audition + Strategy

“Competition Mindset - Activation Process”

360 degree Strategy for Your Competition.

Eight Steps to recognizing what is NOT in your control,

In order to work harder on what... Read More

  • USD $ 160.00
  • 60 mins


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