Francesco Sani

  • Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Instrument/Speciality: Violin, Composition, Music Recording, Recorder

Born and educated in Rome, moved to the UK to complete a course of academic studies in music, first as an undergraduate at Edinburgh University (Bachelor of Music with Honours) and then as a postgraduate at Huddersfield University. 


Having completed my composition Masters in 2000 and my composition research (MPhil) in 2005, I specialised in music teaching through a training opportunity at Franklin College, Grimsby, via Sheffield Hallam University's PGCE (PCET) FE/HE programme, and gained experience of classroom teaching, during and following which I also taught as a violin specialist in schools around Leeds, and, later, as a full-time lecturer at East Berkshire College.


Following this, I taught as a full-time Instructor in Music at Aberdeen College (now North East Scotland College) from 2009 to 2015, delivering SQA units for composition, music technology, music industry, group and solo performance, as well as preparing students for ABRSM theory and LCM performance on piano and violin. 


I am also p/t at Edinburgh College (former Jewel & Esk college) as a popular music lecturer, teaching studio/DAW units as well as MIDI composition and editing, mixing and mastering through ProTools and LogicPro, and other units, including theory, online music promotion, and more.


I also founded the sonADA festival with Dr. Suk-Jun Kim (University of Aberdeen) in 2014 and had three editions of the festival, including the Torry Sound Project and other initiatives in the area. I have connections with the local (and wider) music industry and I always encourage my pupils to take their music outside the practice room, and to attend as many concerts in order to widen their appreciation of music. 


My composition interest is also strong and I have submitted work for composition competitions, and played my work at festivals in Aberdeen. I have been involved with the University of Aberdeen's composition seminars and I will continue to work on my interests in contemporary/experimental music.


I am an ICMA examiner and I can prepare pupils for exams for this board as well as ABRSM, LCM, and Trinity; I am also a Standards Verifier for BTEC/Pearson's for Music and Music Technology Nationals in England, and I have held guest seminars/lectures at the University of Aberdeen and University of Edinburgh in performance and composition.


I am also a Regional Officer for the European String Teachers' Association UK, and an International Baccalaureate music examiner.


With me, you will have access to:


  • technology insights to improve your learning and self-evaluation;
  • using a wide variety of techniques on- and off-instrument to understand physical movements in musical performance
  • my experience in online learning, online exam preparation, going into exams (physical or remote), and pathways
  • violin playing through different repertoires: pop/contemporary, world music, and classical
  • support through my own materials, and access to information about producing your own music
  • advice on literature, resources, books, publications for sheet music, instructional videos, backing track, and other.




Advanced session

This session is for violinists who are more advanced and need to, for example: 1) prepare a final honours recital at university; 2) prepare for a university or conservatoire audition; 3) work on their playing confidence for live performance; 4) need to work on more... Read More
  • USD $ 49.00
  • 60 mins

Intermediate session

In these sessions, I will build on students' existing skills (either continuing students of mine or new students who have been learning in the past) and enhance them. Sometimes these sessions can be used to correct past mistakes, where they have a negative impact on a s... Read More
  • USD $ 37.00
  • 45 mins

Beginner session

This session is ideal for students who are just starting out on the violin and/or in music learning. I will share with you a number of resources and direct you to where you can find the right tools. The session will cover all the technical setups and get you going on t... Read More
  • USD $ 24.00
  • 30 mins

Learn the violin in a new way!

This is your chance to explore detailed goals and expectations,

and to ask questions of me - think of it as a mutual interview -

so that we may see if we are a good fit.

The no-fee first consultation is all about testing the ground

Read More
  • USD $ 0.00
  • 30 mins


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