David Jones

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Instrument/Speciality: Drum Kit, Percussion

Master Drummer David Jones is often described as one of the most innovative and musical drummers in the world. 

"David Jones ... is an object lesson for all. He plays with amazing facility from a totally relaxed attitude of mind and body. Australia has never produced a finer musician in my opinion."

Don Burrows, the First 50 Years Album

David’s brilliant career of over 40 years, spans all types of music, playing with some of the greatest musicians in every style. From John Farnham to James Morrison, Dragon to Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Don McLean to John Denver, Kate Miller-Heidke to Tommy Emmanuel, from WDR Big Band to John Williams, Brian Brown, Crossfire and the legendary Pyramid.

He is a frequent guest artist and soloist with major Orchestras. He’s first call drummer for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong Philharmonic and Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa in Japan.

He’s had not one, but two drumkit concertos written specially for him, by Tokyo composer Toshi Watanabe (2006) and Melbourne composer Joe Chindamo (2018). The second concerto was commissioned by MSO, and premiered in March 2018, conducted by Sir Andrew Davis, as part of The Last Night of the Proms. Both concertos propelled the drumkit into new territory. As a result of David’s awesome performances of these pieces, the drumkit is now taken seriously as a solo instrument in the classical world.

David was Honorary Senior Fellow and guest lecturer at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne (2013 to 2021). He was lecturer at the James Morrison Academy (2015 to 2020). He was Head of the Jazz Drum department at the Sydney Conservatorium (1985 to 1992), and continues to teach private students and run workshops around the country.

David featured on many international drumming festivals in Europe and Los Angeles throughout the mid to late 90s and in the Southern Hemisphere for over 30 years.

David is passionate about the drums and has created 5 different solo shows, and delighted general public audiences since 2005 with the musical and rhythmic excitement of drums and percussion.  

Since 1984, David has uniquely integrated his meditation practice into his music-making. With his partner Carmen Warrington, he has created many guided meditation CDs for ABC Music.

In 2010, David received the prestigious Melbourne Prize for Music Award. This was a significant milestone for David as a drummer and improvising musician. It’s the first time in Australia that a major music prize has been awarded to a drummer. The Award pays tribute to David’s lifelong contribution to the music community and recognition of his unique individual voice and musical signature.

“David Jones is, in my opinion, one of the greatest, most natural, musicians on the planet. His musicianship is mesmerising and captivating - I’ve always felt he was in a class of his own.”

Tommy Emmanuel, international artist


“…[David’s performance] was nothing less than a spiritual experience…to be truly transported by the power of the drum when it comes from a place of such deep intention as it does with David Jones”

Michael Shrieve, original drummer for Santana


“… we have the makings of one of the greatest drummers the world is ever going to see. David Jones … is possibly the finest drummer I’ve ever heard.”

Will Dower, Modern Drummer, 1984.


“You have achieved what I thought was unachievable on the drum kit – very high level of musicality, dense but dynamic phrasing that one does not get tired of, with a seemingly perfect time and the objective clearly on the music, not the ego. I am blown away.”

Ed Mann (percussionist on 50 of Frank Zappa’s albums), 2008


“I am more impressed with your playing now than ever! You have always inspired me. You have now reached a place of pure expression and you are one with the universe! Pure drumming magic!”

Dom Famularo (international drummer, ‘Global Drumming Ambassador’)


“He is phenomenal, nobody else can do what David does with the drums – it’s amazing.”

James Morrison


“David, it was a pleasure to meet you and to listen to you play… you have taken the drumset to a new level, physically and spiritually. Thank you. You can use my words and I will speak to them if you like… Anything for my new favourite drummer!!!! -Li”

Liberty DeVitto (drummer for Billy Joel)


“David Jones is unique and marvellous.”

Jim Chapin, author of “Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer”, 1997


“… extended drum solo was another tour de force of musicality, clowning and full-frontal virtuosity. His staggering facility was also employed to subtle and beautiful effect on the gentle numbers, showing that implying ideas is as much a part of his armoury as beating them into submission.”

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, 1996


“I think he is taking drumming to another level. What he has done with his concept of time and being able to feel perfectly … five over two or this over that … it’s not just check out this polyrhythm, it’s the music is written with polyrhythms in mind. He was astounding today.”

Rod Morgenstein, USA drum legend, DrumScene, 1996



Basic Rudiments Simple Grooves

These lessons are for those starting out on drums and percussion. Or those who would like to start again and brush up on their rudiments.

We can design a plan together, specifically for what you would like to do. We can sort that out in the initial consultation... Read More

  • USD $ 60.00
  • 60 mins

Breathing, Relaxation, Posture and Sound

We will explore strategies to overcome nervousness, stress, performance pressure, practice boredom, and comparison with other musicians.

The foundation of all music is silence. We start with silence and return to silence. In that silence, the stillne... Read More

  • USD $ 60.00
  • 60 mins

Breathing, Relaxation, Posture and Sound

We will explore strategies to overcome nervousness, stress, performance pressure, practice boredom, and comparison with other musicians.

The foundation of all music is silence. We start with silence and return to silence. In that silence, the stillne... Read More

  • USD $ 30.00
  • 30 mins

Rhythmic Awareness - all instruments, vocalists

Rhythm is one of the cornerstones of musical understanding and performance. Every instrumentalist and vocalist needs to master time and be very aware of tempo and of placement. I can take you into deep perception of tempo, groove, subdivisions and metric modulations.... Read More

  • USD $ 70.00
  • 60 mins

Initial Consultation with David

So that I can personalise the lessons for you, I would like to talk with you about your musical history, goals, and what you most want to work on. It would be helpful to know your previous experience with studying, performing, recording (if any) and general experienc... Read More

  • USD $ 15.00
  • 15 mins

Drumkit Lesson

Depending on our initial consultation, we will delve deeply into many topics and techniques. Aspects covered will include playing with groove, dynamics, linear patterns, feet exercises, soloing, "playing for the song", developing your uniqueness as a player, and cov... Read More

  • USD $ 70.00
  • 60 mins