Dave Levy

  • Location: New York, United States of America
  • Instrument/Speciality: Trumpet

Dave Levy is a musician who thrives in the untrodden spaces between genres. He's most often found in NYC floating among the jazz, groove, funk, and electronic scenes. Hailing from the NYC metro area, he spent his teenage years as a culture commuter, absorbed in the mid-2000's downtown music scene frequenting whatever clubs decided to let him in the door. Starting young and continuously evolving, Dave has honed his skills, ending up as a top call freelancer in NYC and abroad: performing, touring, and recording with such acts as Norah Jones, Deep Purple, David Byrne, 88-Keys, St. Lucia, Jaheim, Rennie Harris and more. A fixture in NYC's studios and on stage, you might hear his playing and horn arrangements on popular songs and commercials, as well as his own electro-acoustic groove and remix productions. Dave has studied with such musicians/teachers as Mulgrew Miller, Harold Mabern, Stephen J. Badalamenti (W. Vacchiano disciple), Rich DeRosa, Mike Ponella, and Bill Mobley. Life is best explored with a strong emphasis on improvisation!


Pre-lesson intro chat & goals I.D. (Free)

Determine priorities prior to full lesson 1 and/or lesson series, in order to hit the ground running! Learning is fun and some planning helps!

  • USD $ 0.00
  • 30 mins

Trumpet+Electronics Processing!

I love the effects pedal world because a relatively small investment can lead to HUGE sonic explorations. Then there's community fun to be had trading, swapping, and exchanging ideas with friends who may have their own collection! Any wind instrumentalist can be... Read More

  • USD $ 80.00
  • 60 mins

Home Recording & Mixing (Logic X)

A lesson on computer music production with a priority on brass playing and horn sections. Logic X is the preferred DAW of many creative Pros at home. With almost 15 years experience I have recorded trumpet in my home studio for major label productions and internation... Read More

  • USD $ 90.00
  • 75 mins

Trumpet Lesson (General)

Hi! Thanks for visiting my home on Aeyons. I aim to provide personalized trumpet instruction based on the student's needs and desires for improvement. My teaching will be informed by the student's age, skill level, prior experience, and performance goals. I have both... Read More

  • USD $ 100.00
  • 75 mins

Modern Improvisation (Jazz/All Styles)

This course will address & inform the unique demands of trumpet improvisation in the modern world. Although you can't practice inspiration, you can prepare your body to execute what you are inspired to play. A strong tech... Read More

  • USD $ 90.00
  • 60 mins